Painting Masterclass

Masterclass with Aaron Lovejoy

Location: 20 James St. Ottawa, Ontario (Armatura Convention) 
Dates: October 20-21, 2018 
Figure for class: Aristeia Maximus (Included in price) 
Materials Needed: Airbrush & Compressor (general purpose airbrush and a detail airbrush, if possible), Light/Lamp, Good brush (Kolinsky Sable size 1, Ex: Raphael 8404 or Winsor Newton Series 7), Nylon brush (Cheap craft round brush size 8), Wet Palette, Paints are optional (We will provide paints needed).

We will contact students via email with all of the information needed for the class.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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Painting Contest

Models will be accepted all day on Saturday, Models will be on Display Sunday.


Small Model:
Single Small Model (aprox 25-40mm Base Size)
Examples: Small Based Warcaster, Space Marine, Batman figure, Malifaux Master.

Large Model:
Single Large Model (aprox 45-90mm Base Size)
Examples: Warmachine Warjack, 40K Dreadnaught, Malifaux Emissary.

Huge Model:
Single Huge Model (aprox 100-200mm Base Size)
Examples: Hordes Gargantuan, Nagash, Baneblade.

Unit or Battle group:
Mixture of model sizes, 10 or less models.
Examples: Warcaster and Battlegroup, Warhammer Command Group, Malifaux Crew, Batman Gang

Bust of any size.