Question: Hey wait what happend to all the Convention Stuff

Answer: Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to put those plans on hold. But don't worry we will be back next year. This year we are having our Warmachine Weekend Invitational tournament and a Masters Painting Class as well as a Painting Competition. 



Question: This looks like a really awesome concept. What kind of loss prevention will there be? We've all been to enough cons to know there's always that one guy who losses their hotel room key the moment they get it

Answer: Your card has your info on it, but all your points and result info will be held on the server. If your card is lost, stolen or otherwise unavailable we can issue you a new card and program it with your data. If you have a gold or silver level card be aware we may not have a new gold or silver card to give you and you may end up with a general admission card.

Question: Awesome! Sounds ambitious, especially the virtual card based sign in. Very cool if that gets going! One question though, why Kickstarter rather than a more forgiving pledge system? Something that’s not all or nothing?

Answer: The idea behind using Kickstarter is simple. I can't afford to put on a convention for 10 people. A platform like Indiegogo would give me a partial amount but I would be stuck with bills I might not be able to pay. Kickstarter will give us a GO/NOGO point. We will do everything we can to get the con off the ground but we are also realistic.

Question: For Warmachine/Hordes events will there be painting requirements for either the convention or any of the events?

Answer: For Warmachine/Hordes Masters No, Champions Yes. 

Question: I assume the date is set in stone? I would like to advertize it to our local meta so just want to confirm. Thanks!

Answer: The date is about 85% since we have not put down a deposit yet someone else could sweep in to all the venues that we are in talks with and book the halls. But in that case we would move to the next weekend.it will stay the end of October.

Question: I have one question and one questions only... Why is this not being called BubbaCon?

Answer: That was obviously our first choice but we couldn't afford the rights.

Question: Um... Yes! Will there be unique prize support?

Answer: Unique prizes such as measuring sticks tokens etc will be available as prizing and for purchase at the event and as add on's as during the Kickstarter